New Students!

Welcome to Pocahontas County Schools!

If your child is new to our school system or returning after withdrawing, please contact the school in your area to register for this school year.  If you are unsure about which school your child will attend you may contact the board office:  304-799-4505.

Green Bank Elementary/Middle School:  304-456-4865

Hillsboro Elementary School:  304-653-4221

Marlinton Elementary School:  304-799-6551

Marlinton Middle School:  304-799-6773

Pocahontas County High School:  304-799-6564

Please plan to provide:

  • Your child's latest immunization records
  • Your child's state-issued birth certificate
  • Your child's latest dental records
  • Five Year Physical (Kindergarten)
  • Your child's social security card
  • Name and address of the previous school